A Software Engineer Learns Java 8

Java 8 is now available!

Java 8 is most significant release of Java in years, and has the potential to fundamentally change the way you write Java code. This book is intended to teach Java programmers and software engineers the fundamentals of these changes in a couple of afternoons, and provide you the knowledge to get up and running with the most significant features. This book contains comprehensive information on all the main additions to the language, including:

  • Lambda expressions: no prior knowledge of lambda expressions are required, this book will walk you through all aspects of lambda expressions, from their construction to their use.
  • The Streams API: the Streams API has the potential to revolutionize the way Java programmers think about processing sets of data. This book will walk you through a variety of use-cases with the Streams API, and look at how the Streams API can be used to perform parallel processing of data.
  • Interfaces: Java 8 makes significant changes to Interfaces, allowing Interfaces to contain implementation details. This change essentially brings multiple-inheritance to Java, and allows legacy Interfaces to be changed without breaking backwards compatibility.
  • The Date/Time API: Java 8 introduces a whole new Date and Time API based on Joda time. We will walk through many examples, and look at how the new API differs from the Date and Calendar API we are all familiar with.
  • The Nashorn JavaScript engine: JavaScript is now officially part of Java with the inclusion of the Nashorn JavaScript engine. The book will walk through a variety of examples with Nashorn, and look at why you may want to run JavaScript code on the Java Runtime.

In addition, many other minor features will be introduced along the way. To celebrate the inclusion of a JavaScript engine in Java, this book also contains a bonus chapter teaching Java programmers how to use JavaScript - the right way. This is intended to get Java programmers and software engineers up and running with JavaScript, and avoid the frustrations that many Java programmers encounter when confronted with JavaScript.

New Release

A Software Engineer Learns Java and Object Orientated Programming

Cisdal have now released Dane Cameron's new Java book, designed specifically to include the latest version of Java - Java 8.

This book is now available at Amazon for Kindle or in Paperback.

This book walks you through all the important details of Java, and introduces all the key Object Orientated Programming principles along the way.

In addition, this book will teach you how to structure your code with design patterns, and how to make the most of the Eclipse IDE.


When the book was originally written Java 8 was only supported by Netbeans. Support has now been added to Eclipse in the Luna release.

In order to use Luna with Java 8, simply download the latest Java 8 JDK and the latest version of Eclipse, and you are ready to go!


The links below provide find the sample code for each chapter